Shipping and Handling Charges

Shipping Charges

We have extensive experience in finding the most economical and convenient means to ship your order to you. Freight charges are established by the specific carrier that picks up your order. Their charges reflect the weight of the shipment and how far away from us you are located. Since each company sets it’s own rates we use our computer to search several companies for the best rates to your location.

UPS/FedEx is usually the most convenient way to ship small orders.They are also the most economical way to ship orders of up to about 150 pounds.Small orders are packed in corrugated boxes and filled with packing peanuts. The maximum stone weight per box is 145 pounds. UPS/FedEx delivers right to your doorstep.

Truck companies (common carrier) are the most economical way to ship orders of 200 pounds or more. Large orders to be shipped by truck are strapped onto wooden pallets so they can be moved by fork-lift. When the truck delivers your order, they will park in the street in front of your location. You must provide the fork-lift or man power to unload the stone! A lift gate can be arranged for additional cost in most locations.

“Prior notification” by the truck company 24 hours before delivery, is available to allow you to make arrangements to unload your order. Transit time for truck shipments is usually between 2 and 6 working days. I can notify you at the time of shipment to allow more time for you to get ready for the arrival of your order. Let me know if you need “Prior notification”.

If you do not want to unload the stone yourself, “Inside delivery” is often available, but the cost may be substantial.

Call me about freight rates and I can give you a very close estimate right over the phone. 

UPS/FedEx charges

Paid by the customer in advance of shipment.

Truck Freight charges

Paid by the customer to delivering carrier at time of delivery.

Call us for shipping rates.

Handling Charges

Boxing… 70 lbs. & under $5.00

Boxing ………over 70 lbs. $7.50

Palleting charge……………$7.50

( Up to1000 lbs. per pallet )