Italian Alabaster


boulderpiletWe now have a large supply of Italian alabaster
boulders in a wide variety of sizes up to 300+ lbs. each. This imported white stone is highly prized for its fine grain and translucency. Some of the largest pieces allow sunlight to shine clear through the whole piece. The low occurrence of veins and streaks in this stone makes it ideal for itlbouldersculptures where too much pattern would detract from the design of the piece. They are very sound anditlbear exhibit an excellent ring when tapped with a hammer. The typical shapes of these boulders are compact and somewhat rounded. If you prefer a more opaque stone, we have a number of pieces in a less translucent, more snowy white color.


In addition to the Italian boulders, we have pre-cut round cylinders that are corepalletperfect for making vases and bowls on the lathe. Their round shape eliminates waste and saves on shipping costs. It also saves time and effort for the turner. This translucent stone is great for light fixtures such as wall sconces, chandelier globes and lamp shades. The occasional appearance of veins in some of the pieces is dramatic when lit from behind. maxit2






The sizes available are:

Approximate Size

Approximate Weight

10″ dia. x 5″ high

37 lbs.

12″ dia. x 6″ high

64 lbs.

13″ dia. x 7″ high

86 lbs.