Colorado Alabaster Pricing

Random OrdersĀ 

You will need to decide what specifications (if any) you need for the stones in your order. The least expensive order is a random order. A “RANDOM” order is one where the only requirement that you specify is the total weight of the shipment. We choose good solid stones to make up the total weight of your order. “RANDOM” just means you do not have a choice in the individual weight, color or shape of the pieces of stone in your order.

The minimum weight of pieces in a “RANDOM” order is about 15 pounds while the maximum weight is about 200 pounds. The maximum weight of the pieces we ship will vary with the overall weight of the shipment.

The “RANDOM” category order is the most economical, but many of our customers have needs that require them to specify the weight, the color, or the shape of the stones that we send.

Random Pricing

Random Shapes, Weights & ColorĀ 

1 – 145 lbs…. $1.50 lb. (UPS / FedEx orders)

146 – 499 lbs……. $. 60 lb.

500 – 1999 lbs….. $ .50 lb.

2000 – 4999 lbs….. $ .45 lb.

5000 lbs. & over…. $ .40 lb.