Pricing and Orders

Ordering stone

When you order stone from us, we will try to help you get the best stone for your needs at the best price that we can. Some of our customers have been ordering from us for over 30 years. They keep coming back because they get good stone at a good price. 

All of the stones for “random” and “specified” orders must pass our quality standards before they are shipped. We hand select and “sound out” each stone to be sure they are reliable and as free of faults as possible. We’re not happy until we get a nice “ring” out of each piece we tap. To get the stone to that point takes a lot of sawing, splitting, and chiseling. We maintain high standards for the quality of the stone that we sell, because we know how important it is to our customers.

Placing an order for stone may be done by phone, fax, mail, or E-mail. You will need to provide us with a complete shipping address (P.O. Box will only work for U.S. mail shipments). A telephone number is necessary in case we have questions about your order.

All orders must be paid for before the stone is shipped. We accept checks, money orders, Mastercard, Visa and Discover. We will telephone you to obtain the necessary credit card information. We also accept purchase orders from major universities and schools.

If the order is small enough to be shipped via UPS/FedEx, the payment must include the boxing and UPS/FedEx charges.

On orders shipped by truck, the payment should include only the stone and palleting charge. The freight charges on truck shipments are “collect”, and are paid directly to the delivering carrier upon arrival at your location.

If you are a Stone Distributor, please call for a price quote.